About ThunderWord Copywriting, LLC

Hi, I’m J.W. Abraham, the owner and sole copywriter at ThunderWord
Copywriting, LLC. I am located here in Lexington, Kentucky, right in the
heart of the beautiful Bluegrass area. If you’ve never visited the area, 
you must. There are the  horses, the rolling hills, the bourbon...ah, 
but I digress. Yes, you want to know more about my copywriting 
background and experience.

Experienced and Versatile
I’ve been copywriting since the late 1990’s. Before becoming a freelance copywriter, I got my start writing in an advertising department of a nationally-known public safety distributer. 

There, we wrote clear, benefit-oriented copy for a wide variety of products and across a variety of mediums. They included catalogs, web content and sales collateral.

It was a rewarding experience. First, our customers were everyday heroes. It also allowed me to hone my craft. Plus, I even contributed to a team that won several catalog awards from Multichannel Merchant, a leading trade publication.

Today, I pretty much follow the same, proven approach I developed in selling to those heroes. Though sometimes I now add a little more creative twist to my messages if it is appropriate.

Sales-Focused Copywriter
Although I like to add a little creativity to a message, you can be assured it’s not creative for creative sake.

My copywriting is all about how to increase your sales. It's about ROI. You see, before becoming a copywriter I was in the world of business and finance. I even have accounting. and finance degrees. It’s true.

That means, with me you get someone who knows sales are the fuel that primes the pump of business. You get a person who is not only concerned with words. You get someone who is focused on turning words into numbers. Sales numbers.

Curious and Enthusiastic
Then, there are the things about me that cannot be learned. Like curiosity and enthusiasm. These make up what you might call my secret sauce.

I have a relentless curiosity. I just love learning all kinds of things. My curiosity is what helps me to learn all kinds of products and services, and what drives me to uncover the right message. Curiosity is also what feeds my creativity too.

As for my enthusiasm, it’s just the way I approach many things. Enthusiasm was what made me an award-winning teacher way back when. It is what allowed me to entertain visitors as a bourbon distillery tour guide here in Kentucky. Yes, what a fun job. It is also what I bring to my copywriting.

 Some of my colleagues used to chuckle at my animated ways when I got hot on the trail of writing a message. I didn’t mind though. My natural enthusiasm is what gave me the energy to so often come up with an engaging hook for the message.

Want to Know More?
Now, if you want to see or hear my enthusiasm in action, or want to know more about me as it relates to my copywriting, just contact me. Also, if you want to see some writing samples, just let me know. I would be happy to email you a few. 

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