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Consumers shop all kinds of ways today. They shop online, through catalogs, at stores or with the help of a salesperson, especially for expensive products and B2B sales. For many, it’s a combination the above. 

ThunderWord Copywriting provides meaningful marketing messages for these various ways to help attract, inform and persuade more customers. 

Also, if you produce a catalog and already have an in-house creative team, ThunderWord Copywriting can even provide guidance to produce a better catalog.

Catalog Writing
You get the expertise of an award-winning catalog copywriter. That means you get a professional who knows many of the best practices for writing catalogs.

Sales Collateral
Give customers the information to make decisions. This can be done through marketing kits (aka leave-behind materials or capability kits), articles or sales sheets. 

Web Content
Add some marketing muscle to your website. Strengthen your product descriptions and information pages to attract more customers along with the search engines too.

Catalog Reviews
Is your catalog not performing as well as you think it should? Then, before you spend all that money on the next catalog let's see if I can help make it better by providing a catalog review.

You will get my expert thoughts on a variety of elements that you need to consider in producing an effective catalog. These include copywriting along with layout, pagination and some of the design elements.

Prices for all copywriting assignments depend on the project. I often, however, can provide general price ranges to give you a preliminary idea if it will work for your budget and to help you make a decision. If you give me more details, I also offer free estimates. For catalog reviews, the price depends on the size of the catalog. 

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