Product Descriptions for Ecommerce and Catalogs

Customers today have lots of choices. That’s why it is as important as ever to make your product descriptions stand out.

And, that is where ThunderWord Copywriting can help.

ThunderWord Copywriting provides benefit-driven product descriptions and related information content to make it easier for customers to choose. Get product descriptions for your ecommerce store or catalog. Plus, for your customers who are still in the research stage, you can get help developing general web content about your products so your customers can make informed decisions.

Product Descriptions for Ecommerce

Got a few products that aren’t doing as well as you think they should? Are your products a little technical or different form the norm that need a little explaining? Or, do you sell higher priced products that could use a little extra explanatory or persuasive copy?

ThunderWord Copywriting provides well-thought-out product descriptions designed to get more customers to click that buy button. It is benefit-driven copy that addresses the desires and problems of your customers. It is copy that is clear and easy to read. And, it is copy that engages your customer and sometimes in a creative way.

What’s more, it is copy to help you get found by the search engines (SEO). That means it is not some just reformatted vendor copy. It is original copy, as the search engines does not care for duplicate copy. And, it is copy sprinkled with some keywords and phrases that customers may use to find products like yours.

Product Descriptions for Catalogs

Catalogs can still be an effective marketing channel. Unfortunately, because they are not quite as popular as they used to be there are probably fewer copywriters versed in the best practices of catalog copywriting.

With ThunderWord Copywriting, however, you get a catalog expert. You get a copywriter with years of catalog writing experience and who has written for award-winning catalogs. Someone who knows lots of the tricks of the craft to write clear, strong and persuasive product descriptions in the limited space of a catalog.

General Product Web Content

Sell complex products? Do customers not buy your type of product very often? Or, are they are the type where it is very important for the customer to get the right one? Or do you sell a big variety of styles? Then, your customers may need more information than the product description.

Let ThunderWord Copywriting more fully explain your products to help your customer make an informed decision…to give your customers the confidence to make a purchase. It could be in the form of a blog or some other format. Added content could help customers understand technical terms, how the product works or the features they should consider to make sure they get the right product for their situation.

Plus, like original product descriptions, the additional content may also help your website get found by the search engines too.

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