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Your Product Descriptions Should Never Leave Your Customers Asking This Question

by J.W. Abraham on 04/15/17

A Big Customer Question

A product catches your eye.

It's flashy.

It looks so cool.

It has tons of features.

It is new and innovative.

You have never seen anything like it before.

You are captivated by it, and you're thinking "I got to have it".

But, before you click that buy button and pull out your credit suddenly come to your senses.

You suddenly think "but why do I need this?".

The product description does not give one.

And, for the few seconds you are considering this product, you cannot think of one either.

So, you move on. You decide not to buy it.

And, the business loses a sale.

I suspect this happens a lot.

Many businesses probably could sell more only if the marketer or copywriter would tell their consumers WHY they need their product.

Don't Assume Customers Know Why They Need Your Product

Assuming your customers know why they need or should buy your product can be an easy trap to fall into.

After all, when you live and breathe your product like yourself it can be easy to think everyone knows why they need your product.

And like you, some customers may very likely come up with a reason themselves of why they need that product.

But, many may not.

That's why for these customers, you need to go beyond the bare-bones product description. Often, it means going beyond the basic benefits too. You shouldn't just rely on the looks of the product either.

These customers need to be told explicitly why they need your product.

This can apply to a lot of products too, maybe more than you think.

This Goes for Many Kinds of Products Too

Of course, for many products dealing with breakthrough technologies customers have to be told why they would want this product. Customers cannot make the leap as to why they need it.

Take the personal computer. Today, it's a ubiquitous product. When it was first offered to the public, however, I suspect many potential customers at first said no to buying one as they could not see what a personal computer could do for them.

Yet, it applies to more seemingly ordinary products too.

How about kitchen gadgets? It seems like there is always some nifty, new kitchen utensil, pan or appliance being marketed. Some are pretty flashy and innovative.

Yet, I bet many people are like me and ask do I really need another kitchen gadget? That's why so many of these kitchen gadget vendors tell me why I need this gadget. They remind me of some frustrating problem it can solve.

They give me the WHY!

A similar product category is tools. Sure, the tool is cool and has tons of features. But, you need to tell me what I can build or fix with it. Or, you need to tell me why I need this tool over the other many tools I already have in my garage. Tell me why this one is better.

Then there are clothes. I am sure customers all the time see a new jacket, dress, shirt, pant...and think oh, how that looks so sharp, sexy, smart or whatever.

But, then come to their senses. First, they think where in the world they will put this item in their overstuffed closet. And second, they may ask where and when will I ever wear this item? That is where they need to be told. It will look great at that party, or for that presentation or ....whatever.

Even truck manufacturers still give customers the why. You may think do they really have to give a reason. After all, we all know the purpose of trucks is to haul stuff. I guess the truck makers are not taking any chances. So, they give reasons to buy a truck beyond just saying it can haul stuff. They show what you can do with a truck. You can haul landscaping supplies to build a great garden, you can haul lumber to build that deck, or you can build that playground for your kids.

They give the WHY.

Give Customers a Motivating Reason to Buy Your Product

In ecommerce, it's a dog-eat-dog world.

And customers are strapped for time as never before, meaning you often only have seconds to have your product resonate with your customer.

That's why if you want to sell more you need to give your customers a motivating benefit or reason to buy your product.  You can't rely on them to make the leap as to why they need your product.

So, as a marketer or copywriter you need to give them the why. Tell them who would benefit from your product. Give them the when or where this product would be beneficial. Go beyond the basic features or benefits.

If you don't...your customer may come to their senses and click elsewhere.

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