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Why Strong Product Descriptions Are So Important

by J.W. Abraham on 08/21/16

Here's what I suspect is a common scenario for many businesses.

They put oodles of resources into their website design. They hire a hotshot creative agency who gives them the latest in design trends and functionality.

They get captivated by social media. They hire some hip young person or persons who are familiar with the latest social media apps.

But, when it comes to product descriptions...many businesses treat them as afterthoughts.

I am not sure why product descriptions seem to get forgotten.

Maybe they just are not sexy enough like web design and social media.

Maybe businesses who sell lots of products are simply overwhelmed by the overwhelming task. So, they never get around to putting in a process to address product descriptions.

Whatever the excuse, it can be a big mistake that can cost business lots of sales.

Here are two big reasons why strong product descriptions are so important.

They Are the Critical Last Link in Your Selling Process

Imagine a selling process without trying to close the sale.

Well, that is what many business websites are like.

Product descriptions are your closing of the sale. It is the stage where the prospects (yes, they are not customers yet) decide to buy or click elsewhere.

Yet, so many times very little effort is put into the product descriptions.

Many times, they are a boring list of features. No or few benefits are given. No emotional appeals are made. No story is told. No persuasive case is made as to why someone should buy the product.

This seems especially true for B2B sites. But, even these need to make some compelling case. Even B2B purchasers have emotions.

I have also seen B2C sites with minimal copy.

Again, it is puzzling.

They spend all of those resources making customers aware of their company and gathering leads, and then they make little effort to close the sale.

They Are Fuel for SEO

You often read how SEO is all about content, content, content.

That's why you often hear the suggestion to start a blog.

For some companies, some of the greatest content can come from product descriptions. By writing great unique content you give lots of fuel for the search engines. Such content will also more likely appeal to the information that potential customers are seeking.

Customers are not typing "fancy website" into that search field. They are typing words that are related to the products and information that they want or can solve their problem. The more your product descriptions can appeal to those phrases and information customers are searching for, the more likely your product page will appear in their search results.

This leads to another thing to keep in mind.

Many times customers do not visit your site through the front door. They don't all come to the home page first. They often come to other pages, your blog, your about page and your product pages. It's just another reason to make your product page as compelling as possible.

Rethink Your Priorities

As a result, my suggestion is to boost the attention given to product descriptions. Give it as much effort as you give your web design and more than your social media.

If you do not have anyone in your company with copywriting experience then hire someone. It's that important, and it often entails certain skills that only an experienced copywriter can provide. If you have a lot of products, you will find it worth it to hire your own in-house copywriter or copywriters. If you don't have a lot of products, you may want to hire a freelance copywriter at times.

Again, product descriptions shouldn't be sacrificed to give attention to your fancy web design or your hip and funny social messages.

The fancy web and social media sometimes are kind of like those fancy, trendy new restaurants. They are what everyone is talking about.

But, the product descriptions are the comfort food that brings everyone to the table.

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