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Think Twice Before Changing Your Advertising

by J.W. Abraham on 08/06/15

Are you thinking about changing your advertising?

It can be a big decision.

And in our always-wanting-to-be-entertained world of today and our expectation of immediate response, it can be oh so tempting.

But, before you do.

Here are some things to think about.

Make Sure You Have a Good Reason

You have lived and breathed your advertising campaign for a while.

Its novelty has worn off.

You want a change.

Or, your advertising agency or copywriter may suggest a change because they are bored with producing the same thing.

But you need to remember it is not about you, or your creatives.

It's about your customers.

I have often heard someone say let's change the message or freshen up a message.

My first thought is why.

Now, there can be good reasons to change. Like falling or slow growing sales. Or, it could be to battle a new competitor, or to introduce a new product or service.

But, if your advertising seems to be working, why change?

If you are bored, maybe it is time to redecorate your office or something. Yes, make a change. But not with your advertising.

Maybe Not Everyone Has Seen Your Advertising

So, you ran your advertising, and you think that everyone that you have targeted has seen this advertisement.

But, have they?

There may be new prospects coming along.

For years, I was part of a company that sold products to public safety professionals. We had to keep in mind that there were new people coming into the field all the time and they had not heard our message yet.

And here's another example I recall from a sales workshop. The speaker asked the audience who had read the tire ads in the newspaper the day before. I don't recall the response. But it seems the speaker raised his hand and a couple more attendees did as well. So why did he and these few people look at the tire ads? His own answer was simple: he needed tires.

The point is that there maybe people who have not seen your advertising earlier because they did not need your product or service.  But now that they do their antennas will be up looking for all kinds of advertising related to what they need. If their furnace is on the blink, they will be now looking for a HVAC dealer.

Don't Underestimate the Value of Repetition

What's more, for those that have seen your advertisement they may just need to see it a few more times.

It's been a long held guide in advertising that to make your advertising more effective you need to repeat your ads again and again.

I am not sure that there is some magical number. Though I am sure there are some rules about that out there somewhere. In fact, I just ran across this article about retail marketing and the third thing on the list is the value of repetition. And it states that the number customers need to see your message is seven times.

And, I don't have any specific studies of the value of this advice to provide. But I believe. I believe repetition is powerful. In fact, here are a couple of more articles that talk about the power of repetition from experts who now this better than I do.

This is from Roger Dooley, a neuroscience marketing expert.

And this is a fascinating read by Joel Weinberg, Ph.D. that I found at the Marketing Research Association website:

Then there are the numerous ads we all see and hear run all the time. I just feel these people running the advertising campaigns know something about the power of repetition or they would not keep spending all that money to keep running them.

So, my advice is to not cut short that ad or campaign. Run it a few times.

I have seen many times where marketers will try something and if it does not work they quickly discontinue it. It could be a new product. It could be a new ad campaign. They may have just needed to give it more of a chance.

And maybe you need to adhere to this with your existing advertising.

So before you change your advertising think twice before you do. It may be more effective than you think.

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