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The Simple Words That May Bring a Quick Solution to Your Next Business Dispute

by J.W. Abraham on 02/21/16

Arguments. They happen in every business.

It could be colleagues in a company arguing over a strategy decision. It could be an advertising agency and a client arguing over a campaign idea.

You may have been part of such a dispute. And, surely you have witnessed one. I know I have.

They can be pretty heated. Sparks can really fly at times. They can be pretty tense.

After all, each party can have a lot at stake. It can be a battle of egos and pride. It can be a be a matter showing who is the expert. It can be about showing who has control. It can be part of maneuvering for a promotion.

Sometimes they are solved by who outranks whom, or simply by who is paying the bills in the case of a client.

But, there can be another way. It is one that may not leave each party's feathers ruffled and egos bruised.

It is invoking a simple phrase.

And, it is this: "what's best for the customer".

Now, some of you may think, really?

But, I have seen it in action. I have seen arguments suddenly change. Sometimes it is like a reset button.

It is a simple phrase that may refocus the goal of each party's argument. It is not about them; it is about the customer.

It's similar to the manager of a baseball team asking a player to sacrifice a runner into scoring position. The batter may want to get the game-winning hit, but he is being asked to do what is best for the team.

So, next time you find yourself in such an argument or witness to one, try it.

You may find it bring a quicker solution that is amenable to all parties.

And who knows?

You may come across as the wise one who has his or her feet on the ground, and kept all parties focused on the right goal.

That is doing what is best for the customer.

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