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The Big Marketing Lesson We Can Learn from Galileo

by J.W. Abraham on 04/10/16

Ever find yourself  where you can't decide on a marketing tactic?

One guru says to always do it this way. But, something inside you says maybe not.

Then, you need to take a lesson from Galileo.

Ok. Galileo is not known for marketing.

Instead, he is known as the father of modern science.

Until Galileo came a long during the Renaissance period, scientists held to the scientific pronouncements Aristotle made centuries ago. But Galileo was a brilliant and curious person who wondered if such scientific pronouncements were right.

So, he set about to test such statements through observation and experimentation. And what he found was some of those century-old theories of how the world worked were wrong.

This is a lesson that all of us marketers need to heed too.

Yes, there can be lots of good advice and guide lines out there. But, marketing can be complicated, and often involves a lot of variables. So, there are many suggestions that may not apply in all situations.

That means like Galileo you need to ask questions, plus you should test various approaches and tactics.

For instance, in regards to copywriting, you may here different advice about the length of copy. Some say customer will never read long copy. But, maybe in your case they will. It just may depend on what you are selling what you have to say and what you customers are looking for.

Another copywriting suggestion says to always frame you headline in a positive way. But, there are tons of cases where using a negative angle has worked.

Galileo would probably say test it.

So don't blindly follow rules and guides. Some may work and may be good places to start. But, if they do not work you may want to try something else.

Now, if you have ever found success by challenging some marketing best practice, I would love to hear it. I am sure others would too.

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