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Slow Down Your Catalog Flippers with Some Stopper Pages

by J.W. Abraham on 09/18/16

Maybe you've done this yourself.

You flip through the pages of a catalog and nothing catches your eye.

Maybe that's what many of your shoppers do to your catalog. 

So, what do you do to get them to slow down and look inside your catalog?

One way is to add some stopper pages.

These are pages designed to catch the shopper's eye. They are designed to stop those catalog flippers and skimmers.

They are designed to stand out from the other pages.

You see, when all the pages have the same basic layout and look there is nothing exciting to capture the shopper's attention. And so they flip through the pages without interruption.

So how do you create stopper pages?

Here are some ideas.

1. Give More Space to Certain Products.

This takes courage.

It means taking away valuable space that you could use to sell other products.

But a large product display is often a good way to catch a shopper's eyes.

If your catalog is going to prospects you may want to give the extra space to one of your best sellers. It's a proven winner and more likely to draw in new customers. So, there is less risk than using the space for some untested product.

2. Add Drama to a Few Product Photos.

Drama, drama, drama. Who doesn't like a little drama?

Now, this can involve more time and resources to do. But, that is why you may want to do this for a few of your products.

But adding drama or showing your product in use can be a great way to make a stopper page.

Action photos get attention. Especially when you compare them to all the still shots in your catalog. They will really stand out.

3. Add a Big Display Type.

Don't rely on just the usual headline format and type size you use for your products. Do a little shouting.

Add a little emotion to your message too.

Instead of just saying the name of the product, state a big benefit of your product, use a testimonial (they are always powerful) or even use a pull-quote from the product copy.

4. Add a Price Point.

Have a product that's a great deal?

Make sure the reader sees it. Say it big elsewhere in the product display.

Use a bright red color or something for the price point too. Make it stand out from your other display type.

5. Allot Space for Some Editorial or Spotlight Some Service You Offer.

This even takes more courage than giving more space to a product.

It is not directly selling a product. But, it can help improve sales. It can help show what makes you different from competitors selling similar products.

Editorial information could be all sorts of to choose a certain type of product, an explanation of terms, even something about a community event or charity in which your company supports.

Service messages may be something that you do that makes you different, or is often a big question or obstacle that customers face when shopping for products like yours. It could be your shipping costs. Your return policy. Your guarantee.

6. Give Special Treatment to Category Openings.

Have a big catalog?

Then you certainly have it organized by categories.

Category openings can be a natural way to get the interest of your shoppers.

You can identify categories with special headers, colors or design. Maybe even have special display type or opening messages.

7. Make Sure They See Your Stopper Page Too

Whatever you use to catch your shopper's attention be sure you place them where they will likely see it.

That means place it on the outside of the pages and not buried in the middle of the spread. For photos make them bleed off the end of the page. For background colors and category markets extend them to the edge of the page.

If you can place you big product or other element in the upper right hand corner of the right hand or odd page. For catalogs this is a big hotspot.

Stop the Catalog Flippers or Maybe Lose the Sale

Again, one of the biggest arguments for not doing any of the above is that it can take away valuable real estate used for selling more products.

But, if the shopper never sees them then there will be no sale anyway.

So think long and hard about putting some speed bumps to slow down those catalog flippers.


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