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Shout NEW Whenever You Can!

by J.W. Abraham on 01/03/17

Happy New Year

With a new year here, what better time is there to talk about the power of the word NEW.

NEW is one of the most powerful words in marketing and copywriting.

The many New Year celebrations are testaments to the power of the word NEW.

Many people are attracted to new things. They want to know what is new. That's why marketers should shout NEW whenever they can.

The reasons to shout NEW are many.

1. NEW Products and Services

These are probably the most obvious reasons to shout NEW. Many of your current customers want to see what new products and services you offer.

You could shout about a whole new line of products or you could shout about a mix of NEW products. You could shout about carrying a NEW brand. If you are restaurant it could be your NEW menu or special. Or you could shout about an improved product, as in NEW and IMPROVED.

NEW services could be a NEW delivery service, a NEW gift wrapping service, a NEW business consulting service if you are an accountant, a NEW shopping app...well you get the idea.

2. NEW Remodeled Store or Website

All the time, we see calls to come see a remodeled store or restaurant, or visit our NEW redesigned website.

I am sure some people will visit just out of curiosity. And, certainly so will some of your most faithful fans.

Yet, my thought is that if you do shout about a new remodel or redesign, give the audience a benefit on why they should care. Will it make their shopping experience easier? Will it make finding what they need easier? Will it make checking out faster? When you give a reason I suspect even more of your audience will come.

3. NEW Location or Service Area

This is another fairly obvious one. Opening a store definitely deserves the word NEW. You also need to shout if you are expanding your service area. This can be big for home improvement or any kind of local delivery type of business.

Closely related to these are new hours of business. That is always a good thing to shout. You see it all the time for restaurants and even medical offices.

4. NEW Personnel

You see the announcement of new personnel all of the time for professional businesses and services. These include banks, advertising agencies, accounting firms and medical offices. I think it can be useful for other businesses too.

It's a great way to get publicity for their business. Also, when you add a little profile with the announcement it can help build a little more credibility with prospective clients, customers and patients.

5. NEW Low Prices

This is almost a one-two punch. It delivers something new and it announces low prices which is something that gets the attention of almost every customer.

There are probably many more ways to use the word NEW too.

I have seen companies fall all over themselves to push the message that there billing statement is NEW. Now, that is making the most of the word NEW.

Anyway, the lesson is if you have something you can claim as NEW and it is something you think your customers would care about, then use it.

And, if you have nothing to say at this time...

you can always wish everyone a Happy New Year.

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