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Prove Your Claims and Promises

by J.W. Abraham on 06/15/15

Does your business make claims like these?

"We're a [insert business type] you can trust"

"You can depend on us"

"We're the experts"

Well, you're not alone. These are claims that many businesses make.

And, I understand why.

They address what's on many of your prospects' minds. They want to know if you are honest. They want to know if you will do what you say you will. They want to know if you really know what you are talking about and will provide them with the best solution.

But, such claims and promises by themselves can be weak and unconvincing. This is especially true when so many businesses are making these same claims.

That's why it is so important to support such promises and blanket claims.

You need to prove your claims.

Potential customers want to know why they should trust you or what makes an expert.

This Are Many Ways to Support Your Claims

When it comes to trust you may want to use a number of things. One of the best ways is to cite your excellent ratings and reviews by third parties like The Better Business Bureau or Angie's List. You may show your membership in a professional organization. Many times these organizations have rules of ethics and how businesses should conduct themselves in their field. You could show your place of business to try and show you're not some fly-by-night business.

I have seen many home service contractors like plumbers and HVAC prominently display their business license to show their legitimacy.

To show your dependability, you may want to share the words and stories of your many satisfied customers. These are also helpful to show your trust and expertise too. I am a big believer in the power of true, authentic testimonials. It's hard for even a great copywriter to match what a customer says. Many customers may like case studies where you tell a bigger story of how you helped a customer. These may resonate when selling more complex products or when selling to other businesses.

For those customers that like to see numbers, you could provide statistics and maybe even the results of a survey that back up your claim of dependability.

And, to prove your expertise, one of the easiest ways is to highlight your years of experience. It always gets my attention when I have seen a business who has been in business a while. I figure they must be know something and must be doing something right to stay in business so long.

Another common way to show your expertise is to display some sort of professional certification.  Yes, I want to see your NATE certification if you are a HVAC business and that you are a CPA if you are an accountant.

You can also demonstrate that you know your field through speaking at events or conferences, or through the writing of articles or blogs.

Support the Claims You Make for Your Products Too

Now, I think the need to prove your claims may be most needed for service businesses.

After all, customers can not touch and feel the product. They cannot return it either.

But, companies that sell products need to back up the claims they make for their products too. (Of course, there is an element of service even for companies that do sell products.)

If you say your product is the sturdiest, toughest of its kind, you need to prove it. You need to say why it is so tough. Is it the material or the design?

If you say it is the most versatile product, show me all the ways it can be used. Don't just make the claim and let the customer have to complete the thought. Don't force them to think of all the ways it can be uses. Most probably won't take the time and trouble to do so. They may not think of all the ways that you do, and as a result, they may not think of it as being so versatile.

If you claim the shoe or bed you sell is exceptionally comfortable. Tell me what makes it so comfortable. Maybe even throw in some testimonials too.

If your widget is the lightest weight one out there, at least tell me what it weighs.

So, whether you sell a service or product, back up your claims. Don't leave them defenseless, subject to criticism and doubt from potential customers.

Prove them.

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