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Get More Customers By Making Them Feel Special

by J.W. Abraham on 11/29/15

We all like to think we are special in some way.

And marketers know this.

Making customers feel special has long been used in as a psychological trigger to get them to buy products and services.

Below I provide six ways to help you make your customers feel special. They include very basic tactics to ways that reach your customer on a deeper level.

1. You're Getting This Offer, So You Must Be Special

This is the one of the most basic ways I have seen marketers try to make customers feel special.

Often I get sales letters that start with something like "You've been especially selected..." or "You've been preselected to receive..." or "Here's an offer that is not going to everyone."

My first impression is like duh?

Of course, I was especially selected. Of course, you had to preselect my email or address before you could send it to me. And, of course, you did not make this offer to everyone. Surely someone in the world did not get it.

Still, despite my thoughts of the obviousness of such statements, maybe they still engage the customer somehow. Maybe if the reader just quickly reads your letter or email without thinking too much about it, such statements may still make them feel special.

So, if you are struggling for a way to arouse the feelings of exclusivity in your customer, you may try such statements.

Now, I have also received pitches that do take this a step further.

For instance, some back it up with some kind of statistic to show what a select group you are to receive this. You could tell them something like only x % of such and such a group are receiving this letter and offer. Hard numbers add a little credibility to the specialness of the offer.

Also, if you are going after prospects that meet a certain qualification, you may want to tell your customer this straight up.

A car insurance company could say something like "Because of your excellent driving record...". A bank may say something like "Because of your excellent credit rating..."  Both obviously, are appealing to a very special group that may make the customer feel more special too.

2. Personalize It!

Everyone likes people to call them by their name.

Instead of "Dear Occupant or Dear Business Owner" address the recipient by name.

This is an old standard way to make some feel special.

But, make sure you spell the name right.

Screwing up someone's name can turn a customer off.

Also, don't overdo it.

We have all received the pitches where every other line and element in the direct mail package seems to use your name. It's a little much and pushy.

It's like the salesman who learns your name and then says it again and again. It can be a little creepy. You just met after all, and even my friends would not use my name over and over again.

3. By Invitation Only

Here's another standard technique of making customers feel special.

Send your customer or prospect an invitation.

When we get an invitation we often feel special. It could be to a party, a wedding or so some other social event.

Now, for your business could send an invitation to a special sales event or an educational event to learn more about your products or services.

When you use this technique, think about going beyond just saying the words "You are invited." Format your message to make it look like an actual invitation. Maybe use smaller invitation size envelopes. And maybe even use a more formal typeface as you would expect in an invitation.

Yes, the technique may be an oldie, but it can still be effective. An invitation can be hard for someone to resist opening. At least, it is for me.

4. Let Your Best Customers Know They Are Your Best Customers

Most businesses have their best customers.

So, don't take them for granted.

Make sure they know how much you appreciate and value them.  

Treat them special.

This can be done a number of ways. You could have a VIP Sale. You could offer them a sneak preview at some of your products before everyone else gets to see them. You could also offer them extra rewards or bonuses for their loyalty and business.

And if you want to add extra punch to sending them a bonus, send it unexpectedly.

To me, the most special gifts are the unexpected gifts. (Be sure to see:

5. Remind the Customer of the Benefits of Your Group

If you are marketing on behalf of some group, make sure the customer feels special to be part of your group.

Such groups could include an auto club, a credit union, an alumni group...whatever.

Often such groups offer products and services at special rates or with special benefits that are not available to customers outside these groups. For those cases, emphasize that such offers or products are exclusive to your members.

You need to remind your members that they are receiving a special offer.

6. Make Them Feel Special for Wanting Your Product

This tactic reaches customers on a deeper level.

This ties directly into the type of product or service you are offering.

For certain kind of products you can tap into how your product or service fulfills a special need or desire the customer has.

You often see this being used for family consumer products. They will say something on the order of this product or service is for someone who wants the best for his or her family. It could be that water purifier, home security system or the food they buy. This taps into the customer who feels they want more than the average family. They are special.

You often see it in ads for vehicles that show families exploring the country. These families want more out of life than the average family. They are special.

But, this special feeling can be used in a wide variety of products and services. Not just consumer goods.

For years, I wrote copy in marketing to public safety professionals. We acknowledged the fact that because these customers risked their lives every day they deserved top quality products. After all, they were everyday heroes. They truly were special.

So, you may want to see how your product or service itself can make people feel special.

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