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For Product Descriptions Try This Common Emotional Trigger

by J.W. Abraham on 11/12/16

It's an emotion you know well.

It's one most of us experience every day.

And, as a copywriter it's one of my go-to emotional triggers for writing product descriptions.

It's the emotion of frustration.

Many copywriters may call this emotion the customer's pain-point.

Others may just call it addressing the customer's problem.

But, the word frustration seems to more accurately describe what so many consumers feel.

With the word frustration you can almost visualize customers' expressions. You can see them grit their teeth, you can see them pound their fists and you can see them pound their keyboards.

It is so common an emotion that it can be used in selling many products and services.

Examples Are Everywhere

They say necessity is the mother of invention. But, I think frustration is the mother of invention may be a more accurate way to put it.

It is used everywhere to appeal to consumers.

Like the selling of jeans that actually fit.

Or shoes that actually fit or come in your size.

Or a store simply offering a shirt in the color you really want.

You see it used in promoting home services. For instance, a plumber may promise to actually show up on time, so homeowners don't have to wait and wait for someone to show up.

A software vendor may promise that their software is easier to use, and when you do you need help you won't be stuck for hours on the phone waiting for someone to answer.

All of these are appealing to a customers' frustrations.

It's what most of the entire infomercial industry seems to be based on. The product they promote spares you some kind of hassle or helps to clean up some kind of mess or saves you other words it saves you from the frustration you feel in the way you do something today. Heck, frustration seems to have created the kitchen appliance industry.

And, frustration can be big reason for the whole online shopping industry. Customers can get just what they want and have it delivered to their door without the frustration of having to deal with all the traffic in driving to the store.

It's Easy to Address a Customer's Frustration

When it comes to product descriptions, it is easy to acknowledge a customer's frustration. And, it can be done in all kinds of ways.

One of my favorites is to begin with a question. Like these for example:

Tired of [insert product] [insert frustration]? Ex: "Tired of socks that won't stay up?"

Tired of searching for [insert product] that [insert frustration]?

Are you frustrated by [insert product] that [insert frustration]?

Don't like [insert frustration]?

Can't understand the instructions to [insert product]?

You can also use statements like these...

Finally, get a [insert product] that [insert answer to a frustration]. Ex: "Finally, get socks that actually hold their shape."

Get a [insert product] without [insert frustration], or get a [insert product] without having to [insert frustration]. Ex: "Create a great looking website without having to learn to code".

These are just a few ideas. Maybe they will spark your own ways to address how a product addresses a customer's frustration.

Add Frustration to Your Emotional Appeal Toolbox

You can use a variety of emotional appeals when selling products....greed, exclusivity, scarcity, fear are some of the biggies.

And, I would add frustration to that list.

The appeal to customers' frustrations can be powerful.

As consumers, we are a frustrated lot.

We want things a certain way. And, we want them now.

So, if you can provide customers these things you can end their frustration, and with it are likely to get more sales.

I would love to hear how you have used the emotion of frustration to sell a product or service, or how you bought a product or service because it ended some frustration for you.


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