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Are Your Product Descriptions Missing Crucial Details?

by J.W. Abraham on 06/30/19

Details, details, details.

They often seem like such annoying little things.

But, leaving out a crucial detail in a product description can make a big difference.

It can hurt sales and increase those costly returns.

Consider the Following Possible Scenarios

Here are a few examples where a critical detail has been left out of a product description. They are made-up examples, but you can probably imagine hem really happening. Maybe some have even happened to you as a customer.

It's a product description for a jacket. It has an inside pocket for your cell phone, but it does not show or list it. For that one missing seemingly little detail, many customers that want an inside cell phone pocket just may decide not to buy this jacket.

Or, about a sweatshirt or sweater. It is an oversized garment that makes it great for layering. But the product description does not say. Customers who want cool weather apparel they can layer just may look at something else instead.

How about a description for a multi-purpose tool. You want to make sure it has one specific tool, but the description does list all the tools. You may hesitate on buying this tool.

Or what about that description of a paper shredder that forgets to put the dimensions in the description. Because you are not sure if it is going to fit in the tight space you have in mind for it you look elsewhere.

How about a certain software product or app. You want to be sure it is compatible with your device or another software. Or, you would like to know if I can do this certain function. But, it does not say. Without these details you may decide to look at one of the many other apps that are out there.

Or how about an item that has to meet a certain safety requirement. If that product does not address that feature or list the safety certification that goes with it, would you buy it?

And, then there is this long standing detail. And oldie, but still so important.

What kind of batteries does it take? That can be important if you want to be sure it does not require some hard to find battery. Then there is the question about whether it includes batteries. Product descriptions that don't say anything about its batteries may make some customers reluctant to hit that buy button.

There are so many more examples we could show where a missing detail can be the difference between buying the product or not.

You see, products of all types have certain details that are often critical to many customers. And if they are not in the product description, those customer may move on to a competitor.

Don't think all these customers will call you if they have questions either.

Some will. But, I bet most will not.

Ways to Help You Include the Right Details

Now, you can't include everything in your product descriptions. And, it is hard to make sure you include the right critical details for each of your products.

So, what do you do?

For one, imagine yourself as a customer. Think about what you would want to know about that product if you were really buying it.

Look at your product reviews. See what issues and questions keep popping up on your product reviews on your website. Product reviews can be a wondrous resource for product descriptions.

Talk to your customer service reps and sales professionals. Get the scoop of what your customers are asking about from the people who are closest to your customers.

Develop a product checklist. For each product type you sell have a specific template that lists the type of information that must be included in each product description. They are great guides for copywriters, especially those who do not have a lot of experience with that product.

When I first started writing product descriptions for this big distributor of public safety products, we had product sheets for every type of product to make sure we did not miss crucial details.

Details Can Be Critical to Your Product Descriptions

Ever have a product that is not selling quite the way you think it should?

It's a great product. You have a great photo, headline, copy and even price. But, it is still not reaching the potential like you had hoped.

Review the details. See if there is something missing. Something that could be holding the customer back.

Successful products call for a lot of elements to come together.

And, that includes the details.

So, don't brush aside the copywriter that asks for that extra detail.

If you are a distributor don't let the vendor or manufacturer dismiss the importance of your request for a detail about a product. The vendor may be good at making a product, but it is your expertise and product descriptions that help sell it.

If you don't provide that critical detail, the customer may just go to someone else who did.

Yes, when it comes to product descriptions, it pays to sweat the details.

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