Give Customers the REAL Help They Need

To get more visits, clicks and sales you have to give your prospects the information they’re searching for.

People today don't have time for fluff, corporate gobbledygook or just words that sound good.  Nor cleverness that gets in the way of the message.

Instead, your customers need real information to find you, to learn about you and to understand why they should buy your product or service.

Hi. I am J.W. Abraham, copywriter and owner of ThunderWord Copywriting.

My focus is providing messages with substance that help customers to solve their problems and make the decision to buy.

This means you get copy with a purpose. It is about producing copy that understands your customer. It's about copy that conveys the message in a clear, compelling way. And when it comes to humorous copy it won’t be for creative sake, it has to be appropriate for the customer and help get the message across.

Now, if this sounds like the kind of copywriting your business could use, then take a couple of minutes to find out more about me and what I can offer.

I suggest you start with my About page. There you'll learn more about my experience and how I developed my approach.

Then, if you still have questions or would like a quote, just call or email me.


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J.W. Abraham,
Copywriter and Owner

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