Make It Easy for Your Prospects to Decide

Do you have lots of competitors?

Do you sell a host of products and services?

Or, do you have a complex product or service?

Then, let’s see if I can help your poor overwhelmed prospects.

Hi, I'm J.W. Abraham, copywriter and owner of
ThunderWord Copywriting.

My approach may be just what you need to help your prospects
cut through the they can see that your business and
products are what they need.

So instead of over-the-top creative, my focus is more straightforward.
It's about:

  • Writing clearly without using unnecessary jargon
  • Educating your prospects about your business or products
  • Telling prospects what's unique about your business and specific products or services
  • Persuading prospects by communicating the benefits of your products and services in a compelling way
  • Providing all the right details your prospects need to make a decision

So, if this sounds like the kind of help you could use.....then take a few minutes to browse my website to learn more about me and what I can offer.  For instance, if you need some direction on how to improve your catalog, I even offer a catalog consulting service.

To learn more about my background and some of my specific thoughts on marketing be sure to go to my About page and then read a few of my Blog posts.

Then, if you still have questions or would like a quote, email or call me.


Copywriting, LLC

J.W. Abraham,
Copywriter and Owner
"It's very refreshing to work with a professional as yourself"

"Thanks for your diligent work. It's very refreshing to work with a professional as yourself. I especially appreciated your work ethic and creativity. I look forward to doing more catalog work with you in the future and the web-work that is very present."

Minyoung Bowling
Director of Marketing
Safety Apparel
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