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J.W. Abraham 
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Add Some Thunder to Your Marketing Messages
Strike the Right Chord with Your Customers
Want more customers to click on that buy button, call you or visit your business?

Then you need to give your customers more than words that just sound good or a creative message for creative sake.

You need a message that really resonates with your prospects and customers. That means you need to:

  • Give them information they can use
  • Tell them why they need your product or service
  • Present it in a clear and compelling (and sometimes creative) way

Hi. My name is J.W. Abraham, owner of ThunderWord Copywriting.

For years, I have followed these guidelines to create a variety of messages including educational content, sales collateral, product descriptions and more.

Creating such messages involves more than my copywriting experience though. 

It also involved my relentless curiosity and natural enthusiasm that often can bring some life to companies and products, even for seemingly unexciting industries and products.

So, if this sounds like the kind of professional you could use for your business then first take a minute to learn more about me and my services

Let’s see how we can strike the right chord with your audience.