Make Your Product Descriptions
 Resonate with Your Customers

Want more customers to click on that buy button, 
call you or visit your business?

Then, you need product descriptions that really resonate with your customers.

Instead of some lifeless list of features, you need product descriptions with benefits.
 You often have to appeal to your customers’ emotions.
 Sometimes you need to even add a creative spark.

Hi. I am J.W. Abraham, owner of ThunderWord Copywriting.

I have written hundreds of product descriptions for a variety of products, and have even won awards for catalog copywriting.

What’s more, with me you get a relentless curiosity and natural enthusiasm that often can bring some life to products, even for seemingly unexciting industries and products.

So, if you are looking to make your product descriptions more compelling, then take a minute to learn more about me and my services

Let’s see how we can add some energy
 and thunder to your product descriptions.

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J.W. Abraham 
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Add Some Thunder to Your Product Descriptions!