Does your company face lots of competitors? Are your products complex?

Then you need strong product descriptions.

To win over many customers you’ll need more than a lifeless list of features. 

You need product descriptions that will stand out. ​You need to provide the benefits of your products. You need to explain how your product works. You need descriptions that engage your reader.

That’s where I can help.

Hi, I’m J.W. Abraham, a freelance copywriter and owner of ThunderWord Copywriting, LLC.

I specialize in product descriptions. As a copywriter, I cut my teeth on product descriptions and have written probably 1000’s of them over the years. I have written about a wide variety of products for both websites and catalogs, even award-winning catalogs.

I write benefit-driven product descriptions in a clear and compelling, and sometimes very creative way.

So, if you are looking for more than plain assembly-line product descriptions, take a couple of minutes to learn more about me. Also, take a look a my services, I also provide added informational web content to help your customers learn about your products.
Let’s see if we can add some marketing muscle to those product descriptions.

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J.W. Abraham 

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Add Some Thunder to Your Product Descriptions
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